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The Lavender Hill Sports & Recreation Foundation

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We have 4 sports teams which train regularly and accommodate all ages, they include a soccer team, netball team, dance academy and girls long board and skateboard club.

Covid 19 Relief

We currently feeding 1000 Lavender Hill locals, with an area consisting of over 35000 residents we are always in need of support. Whether it be your time or donations, you can help.

about us

Started by Mark Nicholson the Lavender Hill Sports & Recreation centre is has now grown into a safe haven for the local kids providing new opportunities and role models.

its all about building our community

Our sports teams

Our sports teams have kept 100’s of Lavender Hill kids off the streets over the years but that still leaves 1000’s more still out there. Regular training and competitions give our kids something to look forward and the opportunity to explore their talents.

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Our growth as a team depends on your growth as an individual, so join a team that cares.

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Serving our community....

Established in 2010, the Lavender Hill Sports and Recreation Foundation has grown into so much more than just a sports institution designed to keep kids off the street. We have several community aid programs such as the covid 19 feeding scheme and always looking for new avenues to assist our local community.

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